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Фиксна протеза
Фиксна протеза контрола
Фиксна протеза контрола
Фиксна протеза
Поѕирни/невидливи протези
Силиконски протези

Cosmetic Dentistry

Hyaluronic lip fillers
Filling the nasolabial furrows
Ботокс на брчки
Мезотерапија на лице и врат
Пополнување на подочници

General Dentistry

Local fluorine prophylaxis
Local fluorine prophylaxis
Treatment of root canals
Tooth treatment
Treating the tooth
Tooth extraction
Ultrasonic cleaning of tartar and polishing
Upgrading tooth root with peg
Toothbrush to high gloss
Teeth whitening


Manufacture of total and partial acrylic dentures
Classic vuzil dentures and vuzil dentures with attachments
Prosthetic Repairs
Rebasing subjected to prostheses
Repairs veneers
Metallic ceramic crowns
Non-metallic ceramic crowns and bridges
Making jaw
Стаклени ламинати
Порцелански ламинати
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